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Tough Coat

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Our non-yellowing water-based Tough Coat comes in 2 sheens, matte and gloss. Perfect for those high traffic surfaces such as tabletops. Easy to apply using a sponge for a smooth application adding extra durability and increased sheen to your painted pieces. 

Try our Applicator Sponge for an easy application and a super smooth finish!

Our Tough Coat is water-based and non yellowing wipe on poly that comes in 2 sheens, matte and gloss. This product is perfect for those high-traffic surfaces such as tabletops. Easy to apply using our applicator sponges for a smooth application adding extra durability to your painted pieces.

It's good to note that all water-based top coats can draw out unblocked tannins from your substrate. The only way to avoid this is to prime with a shellac-based primer as part of your prep if you suspect your wood may bleed.

Here’s our blog and ultimate guide on how to choose a top coat 

Choosing Your Topcoat

When it comes to choosing a topcoat for our paint, it's a matter of weighing the options based on your needs most projects around your home won’t need a topcoat.

For high-traffic areas like kitchens or coffee tables that will undergo frequent washing, adding a topcoat is advisable. In such cases, for whites and lighter colours, we recommend our Tough Coat, a water-based topcoat available in matte or gloss sheens. It’s good to note it can be applied over darker colours. However, be cautious to apply in thin even layers to avoid cloudiness which can happen with water-based topcoats over darker colours.

If you're working with darker colours, our Stain and Finishing Oil (SFO) in the natural shade offers a satin sheen that can be intensified with additional coats. SFO provides durability and added sheen over Fusion Mineral Paint.

In essence, Tough Coat ( our water-based topcoat ) is ideal for light colours, while SFO Natural ( our Oil-Based Stain and Finishing Oil ) is perfect for medium-dark hues.

Application Tool

 Foam Sponge
Location  Interior/Exterior
Re-coat Time  1-2 hours
Dry Time  To touch 30min-1 hour
Top Coat  Wax, Stain & Finishing Oil optional for additional durability
Clean Up  Water
Coverage  75 sq.ft. 
Finish/Sheen  Matte or Gloss
Recommended Uses  Heavy wear and tear areas for added durability. 
Can Be Applied To  All water-based finishes, paints.
Can Be Painted Over  Yes once dried
How to Prep  Apply over water-based paints or topcoats for the desired effect - do not apply over oil-based products or wax.
Cure Time  14-30 Days
Maintenance/ Cleaning  Light cleaners. 



Do not use over medium to darker colours as it will show streaks, this is water vapour trapped within the tough coat and is visible on dark colours in particular. Should streaking occur, you can simply apply the paint over top and leave it as is.

This is known as the “Tough Coat Sandwich”. It has Paint first, then Tough Coat, then Paint and it is beyond durable! This is only recommended for very high traffic surfaces


The matte version leaves a flat matte finish, the gloss version has a high sheen glossy look.  If the matte version is not mixed properly, the matting agent can remain on the bottle of the bottle and the finish can appear shiny.


21 days


Try adding a few drops of our metallics! Instant shimmer topcoat.




Non-yellowing, perfect for keeping your white paint colours purely white. Dries quickly and can be painted over to create a "Tough Coat Sandwhich"


How does it work?

Our Non - yellowing formula keeps your whites bright! . Just apply over your high traffic areas for super durability. Wipe-on poly that is Tough

Can I use Tough Coat over Fusion Mineral Paint?

Yes you can! Fusion™ Mineral Paint is famous for its built in top coat.Sometimes though, you may want a slight sheen and added colour vibrancy, or you may want the peace of mind of an extra bit of protection over high traffic areas such as kitchen cabinets or table tops. This is where our Tough Coat™ comes into play 

Can I use Fusion Mineral Paint over Tough Coat?
Yes, all of Fusions water based products were designed to be layered over each other. Giving you greater options to Paint it beautiful. 

Can I use Tough Coat outside?
We do not recommend this product for exterior use.

Is Tough Coat food-safe?
No Tough Coat is not considered food safe. Check out this food safe finish.

Can I use Tough Coat on my wood floors?

Definitely. For this application, apply with an applicator or sponge for best results. This will work best for lighter colours, for darker colours use Natural” colour All in One Finishing Oil 

Read all about the most frequently asked questions on our FAQ page.


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