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Beeswax Finish - Food Safe

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Our food-safe Beeswax Finish contains only pure natural beeswax and hemp oil. This unique proprietary blend creates the most beautiful wood finish for reclaimed wood, kitchen utensils, cutting boards etc.

Food-safe and all natural, our Beeswax Finish provides a soft satin finish that can be buffed to a shine.

Can be used over Fusion Mineral Paint ™ to add a satin finish and reduce the look of scuffs and fingerprints, especially on the darker colours. 

Due to the nature of our matte finish paint, sometimes darker colours can pick up more dust from fingers, leaving marks behind. Simply wash away with a damp cloth, or add a top coat such as our Beeswax Finish - Food Safe( all natural beeswax & hemp oil blend), Furniture Wax or our Stain & Finishing Oil - SFO-Natural for a deep rich effect.

Application Tool  Brush, lint free rag
Location  Interior low traffic surfaces
Re-coat Time  As needed - if the wood looks dry, apply more.
Dry Time  1 - 7 days 
Top Coat  None recommended. Wax is always the final coating. 
Clean Up  Odourless Solvent
Coverage  150-300 sq.ft. 
Finish/Sheen  Matte to high sheen. Each additional layer and buffing increases the sheen. 
Recommended Uses  Food safe surfaces such as cutting boards, reclaimed wood or Milk Painted pieces. May be used on painted surfaces to increase sheen.
Can Be Applied To  Virtually any surface or coating
Can Be Painted Over  No 
Cure Time  30 Days
Maintenance/ Cleaning  Light cleaners, as they will strip away the wax. 


Food Safe, No Chemicals & Biodegradable



Apply liberally with a wax brush or lint free rag. All to sit on the wood for 5-10 minutes then remove excess by buffing with a lint free cloth. Re-apply as needed. 

Will richen up reclaimed wood to a beautiful natural wood tone. The older the wood the deeper the tone.


Wooden kitchen cooking utensils
Cutting Boards
Over top of painted finishes to increase the sheen

QUICK TIP – using this amazing finish on top of a dark colour, such as our Coal Black will prevent marks from showing!


There are no solvents in this product, just pure beeswax and hemp oil. 

Loved by woodworkers worldwide - many indicate that this gives one of the most unique finishes to aged wood.


What is the difference between Beeswax Finish and the regular Furniture Wax?Our Beeswax Finish is a food-safe blend of beeswax and hemp oil and comes in a single colour. Our Furniture Wax comes in 8 colours and is made of a blend of beeswax and carnauba wax. Can I use Beeswax Finish on my butcher’s block? Yes! That’s a great use for it. Beeswax Finish is food safe and a great water-resistant finish for a butcher’s block. Can I use Beeswax Finish over Fusion Mineral Paint? Yes you can. Beeswax Finish gives a beautiful satin sheen over Fusion Mineral Paint. Can I use Fusion Mineral Paint over Beeswax Finish? No, unfortunately not. Any wax will need to be removed first with mineral spirits. What else can I use Beeswax Finish for? Beeswax Finish makes a great resist to make distressing easy, kind of like our Beeswax Distressing Block. You can also use Beeswax Finish on your leather shoes to revive the leather, condition it, and bring back its natural lustre. Check this post for more information: Read all about the most frequently asked questions on our FAQ page.


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